An Enterprise Platform for Industrial Digital Eyewear Applications

Augmate provides the building blocks to create customizable and scalable digital eyewear business applications for deskless workers.

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Augmate Capabilities

Cloud based application platform

Flexible development environment for building digital eyewear applications

Enterprise database plug-in capabilities for seamless integration

Enterprise level security

Connect with third party API providers to optimize user experience

Device agnostic software that maximizes hardware capabilities

Augmate Your Industry

Our experience working with business leaders, IT managers and field associates has provided us with a deep understanding of the agile needs of your industry.

Customer Benefits

Hands-Free Productivity

Augmate capitalizes on the inherent hands-free benefits of digital eyewear allowing your workforce to make quick and efficient decisions.

Informed Workers

Information displayed within your workers' field of view increases efficiency and saves time.

Increased Compliance

Augmate’s technology reduces costs associated with human error in the workplace

Low Barriers to Entry

It is our priority to make sure it's easy to adopt our technology at any scale, at minimal cost to you.

Request a demo and see how Augmate will improve your business

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"Augmate is a visionary company that has done great things for the AR industry. It is recognized in the field to have the powerful ability to open doors, make deals, and get things done."

Kayvan Mirza
CEO and Co-founder of OPTINVENT

“Augmate’s knowledge and technical leadership help solve everyday industry problems by integrating emerging technologies with innovative software solutions”

Dan Cui
VP of Vuzix

“Augmate is forward thinking and is at the forefront of the new AR Glass technology."

Javid Vahid
VP of Engineering at MAS Inc.